Airbrush Painting (Watson-Guptill Artist's Library)

Airbrush Painting (Watson-Guptill Artist's Library) Download Airbrush+Painting+%28Watson-Guptill+Artist%27s+Library%29

Airbrush Painting (Watson-Guptill Artist's Library)

This straightforward guide covers the basics of airbrush painting, beginning with a brief history of the medium and then introducing the various components and workings of the airbrush itself. Equipment care and maintenance are discussed along with common problems and solutions. The author then moves on to demonstrate the fundamental techniques including how to make straight lines, curves, and circles, flat and graduated backgrounds, and how to use masks. He explains how to create simple, three-dimensional forms and follows this with clear, step-by-step demonstrations of eight different subjects ranging from a rose to a woman's face. Photographic retouching is discussed in some detail, and the book includes examples of airbrush paintings by an array of artists.

Language Notes
Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Spanish

Download Airbrush+Painting+%28Watson-Guptill+Artist%27s+Library%29

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