The Acrylics Book: Materials And Techniques For Today's Artist

The Acrylics Book: Materials And Techniques For Today's Artist Download The+Acrylics+Book%3A+Materials+And+Techniques+For+Today%27s+Artist

The Acrylics Book: Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist

Unrivaled in scope, this encyclopedic reference on the most versatile of all painting mediums is an excellent tool to help both beginning and seasoned artists produce their best work in acrylics. With its great flexibility, acrylic paint can mimic the appearance of oils, tempera, and watercolors in unique ways, each method pictured in a separate step-by-step demonstration. The author also examines the use of acrylics with airbrush, sculptural, and printing techniques—even three-dimensional relief painting and collagraphy printing methods are included—and how several of these different creative processes can be integrated successfully in one composition with ink, pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Inspiring examples of representational and abstract subjects are depicted throughout, and a complete survey of all the latest acrylic materials covers the best paint brands, painting mediums, supports, varnishes, brushes, knives, and palettes.

About the Author
Barclay Sheaks, whose works are in numerous museum, university, and corporate collections, is associate professor at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk. He maintains studios on Chesapeake Bay and in Newport News, Virginia.

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