Chicano Visions: American Painters On The Verge

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Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge

Cheech Marin, well known for his three decades of work as a comedian, actor, director, and musician, has long championed Chicano artists and been a collector of their work. This breakthrough publication will be available in both hardcover and paperback formats. The exhibition features Marin's collection of over 30 artists' work, and their paintings that depict Hispanic culture, religion, and politics with brilliant color and emotion. Incisive essays by leading scholars describe the origins of Chicano art. In the same way that Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo redefined our understanding and appreciation of Mexican art, Chicano artists such as Gronk, Patssi Valdez, and Carlos Almaraz are putting Chicano art on the cutting edge of contemporary art.

From Publishers Weekly
It might be a challenge to think of a guy best known for enthusiastically inhaling (with Tommy Chong) as a serious art collector, but Marin has been acquiring paintings by Mexican-American artists for more than 20 years. Chicano Visions presents the work of 30 Chicano artists whose paintings will be exhibited at the Smithsonian and tour the country. The exhibition, which has major corporate sponsorship, is a breakthrough for a movement...

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