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Company of Moths

Michael Palmer has bee hailed by John Ashbery as exemplarily radical and by The Village Voice as the most influential avant-gardist working, and perhaps the greatest poet of his generation. His new book, Company of Moths--a collection in four parts, Stone, Scale, Company of Moths, and Dream -- is beautiful, and fierce: bright archive, sad merriment, question pursuing question. Palmer, in this new volume for our darkest times, asks, How will you now read in the dark?

From Publishers Weekly
Hieratic, hypnotic, at times apocalyptic, Palmer's 10th volume (his first since 2001) offers more of the serious pleasures and delvings that have won him admiration over 30 years. The four sequences here (almost all in unrhymed couplets) sometimes recall techniques of meditation; his tracings and gestures recall choreography (Palmer's other profession), too, envisioning "the dance// of the thing and its name,/ lost limb and its shadow," or chasing a lost blackbird through a seascape of dreams. Despite their mysterious feel, the poems also produce stern millennial foreboding: "Letter to a Vagrant" cautions against "new slings, new arrows,/ new weapons of mass affection," and instructs "prepare to board the burning boat." The best single lyrics...

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