Norman Rockwell: Pictures For The American People

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Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People

Contributors from a wide range of fields - including leading art historians, cultural commentators, a child psychiatrist and a graphic designer - shed light on the complexity of Rockwell's art, and his place in mass media imagery. Review
This richly illustrated book brings together 14 essays by such luminaries as former Metropolitan Museum of Art director Thomas Hoving and art historian Robert Rosenblum, and finally and firmly anchors Rockwell's reputation in the art-historical world. The catalog of an exhibition at Atlanta's High Museum of Art, the book's 133 color reproductions are marvelously large, clear, and true in color and offer what is probably the best introduction to Rockwell for anyone who takes his illustration seriously--or anyone who doesn't, yet. Indispensable though it may be, however, Pictures for the American People may slightly irritate lifelong Rockwell fans, especially those who grew up with the Saturday Evening Post and fell for Rockwell at a time when his nonpareil illustrations were mocked by the moderns. And experienced Rockwell lovers probably have on their shelves the huge 1970 work by Thomas S. Buechner, then director of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Norman Rockwell:...

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