Encyclopedia Of Rhythm And Blues And Doo-Wop Vocal Groups

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Encyclopedia of Rhythm and Blues and Doo-Wop Vocal Groups

In this unique guide to rhythm and blues vocal groups, Mitch Rosalsky has collected an abundance of information on individual groups. One of the first books to approach this subject from the groups' personnel standpoint, the Encyclopedia of R&B and Doo Wop Vocal Groups presents trivia about individual members as well as discographies for the groups, and many rare photographs. Over 1,000 groups are listed alphabetically with cross-referencing that allows readers to see when individuals have performed with multiple groups. With its easy-to-use alphabetical format, accurate and hard-to-find information, the Encyclopedia is an essential reference for deejays, collectors, and music historians.

Assisted in his research by some of the very same authors of those famous biographies in those now famous but never forgotten magazines, this book is testimony of the need to give immortality to the individuals whose beautiful voices have thrilled us for years. Every effort has been made to present the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

From Library Journal
After defining his parameters for inclusion in a five-page introduction, devotee Rosalsky (long a member of United in Group Harmony Association) gets down to business...

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