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Playin' Around

For those people who have always wondered about the "behind-the-scenes" aspect of the music industry and about those who make the music and how the music is actually made, Jennifer Ember Pierce fills out a fascinating picture in Playin' Around: The Lives and Careers of the Greatest Session Musicians. Pierce draws upon the personal history of twelve of Nashville's greatest session musicians to give a unique perspective on the country music industry and the stars that it has made.

Accounts are drawn from some of the best known session musicians: Harold Bradley, Reggie Young, Bobby Wood, Buddy Harman and more, musicians who have worked with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Elvis Presley. Playin' Around includes photographs, biographical sketches and credits. Within these musicians' stories are the hidden roots and real details of "making it" in the country music industry. Also contains a helpful index of music associations, organizations, and industry companies.

...a unique perspective...real details are revealed about how to make it in the country music industry. A helpful index of music associations, organizations and industry companies are included... (Country Focus)

Pierce has performed an invaluable service in interviewing...

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