Abstract Expressionist Women Painters: An Annotated Bibliography

Abstract Expressionist Women Painters: An Annotated Bibliography Download Abstract+Expressionist+Women+Painters%3A+An+Annotated+Bibliography

Abstract Expressionist Women Painters: An Annotated Bibliography

While there have been many tools that cover women artists in general, this is the first to cover artists in depth. The six women represented in this bibliography—Elaine de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Grace Hartigan, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Ethel Schwabacher—were in the forefront of the American Art movement as the center of the art world shifted from Paris to New York. Annotations are given for books, catalogs, and journal articles. An excellent resource for libraries, museums, and departments of art history and women studies.

The authors succeed in bringing to light information about the lives, works, and exhibitions of a group of six women painters in an accurately documented and exhaustively annotated bibliography. For all undergraduate collections and specialized art libraries. (Choice)

The chronological organization of citations is useful in seeing increased periodical coverage as the artists' careers progressed... (Ab Bookman's Weekly)

...in-depth coverage of a few of the women who worked and exhibited in the Abstract Expressionist movement, some of whom have been left virtually unmentioned in history. (Women Artists News)

This needed compilation with short summaries of some lives and the art style...

Download Abstract+Expressionist+Women+Painters%3A+An+Annotated+Bibliography

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