Every Child's Right: Academic Talent Development By Choice, Not Chance

Every Child's Right: Academic Talent Development By Choice, Not Chance Download Every+Child%27s+Right%3A+Academic+Talent+Development+By+Choice%2C+Not+Chance

Every Child's Right: Academic Talent Development by Choice, Not Chance

''A brilliant and eye-opening account... Here, talent is nurtured in all students, with powerful consequences. This is truly 'gifted education' in action, not education for the gifted.''
--Rhona S. Weinstein, University of California, Berkeley, author of Reaching Higher

''Every Child's Right provides convincing examples of how educational privilege can cross longstanding racial and economic boundaries. I hope that every parent, teacher, and policymaker concerned with excellence in education will read this powerful and affecting book.''
--Brian Copeland, author of Not a Genuine Black Man

No child should have to be identified as ''gifted'' in order to benefit from a rich, challenging learning experience. In Every Child's Right, the authors tell an important story of possibility...the possibility for significant academic achievement and intellectual engagement of children and youth across race, ethnicity, and social class. They show us students learning together, sharing interests and aspirations, and accomplishing more than might seem possible. This is not an account of all our children developing academic talent. Instead, it is a blend of theory and very concrete educational practice with compelling visions of greater possibilities, more broadly distributed, for the academic education of American youth.

Advocating for a different,...

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