Polymer Clay Basics: Techniques, Tools & Projects

Polymer Clay Basics: Techniques, Tools & Projects Download Polymer+Clay+Basics%3A+Techniques%2C+Tools+%26+Projects

Polymer Clay Basics: Techniques, Tools & Projects

Take it in your hand, roll it into a log, cut it, shape it, and bake it in a regular oven--that's how simple working with polymer clay can be. Yet with this marvelous and versatile material you can make "jade" necklaces, bright and pretty Christmas ornaments, handles for a coordinated set of flatware, marbled surfaces, vases, and more. Filled with hundreds of close-up pictures and instructions that start right at the very beginning with the basics of modeling and heating the clay safely, this technique-and-project packed manual shows how to form different patterns (including dots, stripes, interweaving, and twirls) and use these designs to fashion everything from jewelry to practical housewares to stunning decorative items. Nothing could be easier or more fun.

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A quick flip through this colorful book hints at easy, lighthearted projects suitable for beginners. To some extent this is true, but newcomers beware: the extremely awkward translation of the original Italian text may be confusing to those not already familiar with terms common to the subject. Throughout, polymer clay itself is called resin and canes are referred to as murrhines. Purpurin at first mention remains...

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