Como Se Formo La Biblia (Conozca Su Biblia) (Spanish Edition) (Know Your Bible (Spanish))

Como Se Formo La Biblia (Conozca Su Biblia) (Spanish Edition) (Know Your Bible (Spanish)) Download Como+Se+Formo+La+Biblia+%28Conozca+Su+Biblia%29+%28Spanish+Edition%29+%28Know+Your+Bible+%28Spanish%29%29

Como se formo la Biblia (Conozca Su Biblia) (Spanish Edition) (Know Your Bible (Spanish))

Conozca su Biblia, developed in partnership with the Asocación para la Educación Teológica Hispana and the Division for Congregational Ministries of the ELCA, is a unique new Bible series written in Spanish by leading Hispanic theologians and Bible educators. The series includes general volumes about the Bible, as well as volumes about specific books or groups of related books.

Written by knowledgeable scholars who avoid using unnecessary technical terms or an abundance of footnotes. The books are written at a high school reading level and address lay adults and beginning students. Scripture texts are from the two most commonly used Bibles in the Spanish-speaking world: the Reina-Valera Revisada and the Version Popular (Good News).

About the Author
Ediberto Lopez Rodriguez es profesor de Nuevo Testamento (NT) y griego del Seminario Evangelico de Puerto rico. Egresado de la Universidad de Drew, Nueva Jersey, con un PH.D en estudios de NT, obtuvo una maestria en SagradaTeologia en estudios de NT de Union Theological Seminary en Nueva York. Es pastor de la Iglesia Metodista a la cual ha servido como lider y docente. Entre sus publicaciones...

Download Como+Se+Formo+La+Biblia+%28Conozca+Su+Biblia%29+%28Spanish+Edition%29+%28Know+Your+Bible+%28Spanish%29%29

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