The Early Morning Of War: Bull Run, 1861 (Campaigns And Commanders Series)

The Early Morning Of War: Bull Run, 1861 (Campaigns And Commanders Series) Download The+Early+Morning+Of+War%3A+Bull+Run%2C+1861+%28Campaigns+And+Commanders+Series%29

The Early Morning of War: Bull Run, 1861 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)

When Union and Confederate forces squared off along Bull Run on July 21, 1861, the Federals expected this first major military campaign would bring an early end to the Civil War. But when Confederate troops launched a strong counterattack, both sides realized the war would be longer and costlier than anticipated. First Bull Run, or First Manassas, set the stage for four years of bloody conflict that forever changed the political, social, and economic fabric of the nation. It also introduced the commanders, tactics, and weaponry that would define the American way of war through the turn of the twentieth century.

This crucial campaign receives its most complete and comprehensive treatment in Edward G. Longacre’s The Early Morning of War. A magisterial work by a veteran historian, The Early Morning of War blends narrative and analysis to convey the full scope of the campaign of First Bull Run—its drama and suspense as well as its practical and tactical underpinnings and ramifications. Also woven throughout are biographical sketches detailing the backgrounds and personalities of the leading commanders and other actors in the unfolding conflict.

Longacre has combed previously unpublished primary sources,...
Download The+Early+Morning+Of+War%3A+Bull+Run%2C+1861+%28Campaigns+And+Commanders+Series%29

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