Two Bobbies: A True Story Of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, And Survival

Two Bobbies: A True Story Of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, And Survival Download Two+Bobbies%3A+A+True+Story+Of+Hurricane+Katrina%2C+Friendship%2C+And+Survival

Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival

During Hurricane Katrina, evacuating New Orleans residents were forced to leave their pets behind. Bobbi the dog was initially chained to keep her safe, but after her owners failed to return, she had to break free. For months, Bobbi wandered the city's ravaged streets-dragging her chain behind her-followed by her feline companion, Bob Cat. After months of hunger and struggle, the Two Bobbies were finally rescued by a construction worker helping to rebuild the city. When he brought them to a shelter, volunteers made an amazing discovery about the devoted friends-Bob Cat was actually blind! He had survived the aftermath of the storm by following the sound Bobbi's chain made as she dragged it along the ground.

At the shelter, the two bob-tailed friends refused to be parted, even for a moment. Could rescue workers find the Bobbies' owners? Or could they find a new home that would take them together? This remarkable true story of devotion and survival is a testament to the spirit that defined post-Katrina rescue missions, and is a perfect way to commemorate the this day in history.

From School Library Journal

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