Passing By: Selected Essays, 1962-1991 (Kosinski, Jerzy)

Passing By: Selected Essays, 1962-1991 (Kosinski, Jerzy) Download Passing+By%3A+Selected+Essays%2C+1962-1991+%28Kosinski%2C+Jerzy%29

Passing By: Selected Essays, 1962-1991 (Kosinski, Jerzy)

Jerzy Kosinski is one of the most important and original writers of our times. Passing By serves as his legacy, a collection of writings that answers many questions about his work and offers a revealing and provocative self-portrait by an author whose life was shrouded in enigma.

The man who emerges here has a passion for sport, a quirky sense of fun, an idiosyncratic range of acquaintances stretching from Pope John Paul II to Warren Beatty, and an abiding love of secrets, conundrums, and fantasies. But first and foremost, as he demonstrates in major essays on his novels The Painted Bird and Steps, Kosinski is a powerful, incomparable literary artist.

From Publishers Weekly
According to his widow, Polish emigre novelist Kosinski had been working on this collection of essays, lectures and fragments when he committed suicide in Manhattan in 1991. While the selections would be improved by contextualizing introductions, they portray a man who was impassioned about literature and who saw his role as confronting "life's threatening encounters." He finds inspiration, he writes, from an intertwining of the Polish, Hasidic and American literary traditions, and considers America "the last society which...

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