Ten Waltzes By Johann Strauss, Jr. For Solo Piano

Ten Waltzes By Johann Strauss, Jr. For Solo Piano Download Ten+Waltzes+By+Johann+Strauss%2C+Jr.+For+Solo+Piano

Ten Waltzes by Johann Strauss, Jr. For Solo Piano

A wonderful book containing 10 of the most beautiful, charming waltzes selected from the nearly 400 waltzes composed by Johann Strauss, Jr. This truly unique book captures the grace of this popular dance form and will be enjoyed by students of all ages. The audio available as download online is useful for educational purposes to hear all ten lovely waltzes selected in this book as performed by the author. The piano solo album is over an hour in length.

About the Author
Johann Strauss Johann Strauss Jr. was born in Vienna in 1825. He was known as one of the principle promoters of the waltz. He was extremely successful, and his waltzes were very popular. Strauss died in Vienna in 1899, leaving behind a wealth of beautiful music. His 500 waltzes are indeed proof of his being known as "the waltz king."

Download Ten+Waltzes+By+Johann+Strauss%2C+Jr.+For+Solo+Piano

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