The Media In The Movies: A Catalog Of American Journalism Films, 1900-1996

The Media In The Movies: A Catalog Of American Journalism Films, 1900-1996 Download The+Media+In+The+Movies%3A+A+Catalog+Of+American+Journalism+Films%2C+1900-1996

The Media in the Movies: A Catalog of American Journalism Films, 1900-1996

Cynical news hounds, grumbling editors, snooping television newscasters, inquisitive foreign correspondents, probing newsreel cameramen, and a host of others--all can be found in this reference work to Hollywood's version of journalism: from the early one-reelers to modern fare, over a thousand silent and sound films can be found. Each entry includes title, date of release, distributor, director, screenwriter, and major cast members. These credits are followed by a brief plot summary and analysis, cross-references and other information. The book is arranged alphabetically, and includes a preface, introduction, bibliography, a list of abbreviations, appendices, and an index of names. The detailed introduction covers an historical survey of the topic, with numerous film examples. The work also includes a selection of stills from various films.

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Langman, whose expertise or authority to write this book is never noted, has created a filmography of more than 1,000 American feature films and serials released between 1900 and 1996. These films were chosen because their primary concern is any journalism medium, including print, radio, television, and photojournalism, though most of the entries deal with films about newspaper reporters....

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