The Indian 1901-1978: The History Of A Classic American Motorcycle

The Indian 1901-1978: The History Of A Classic American Motorcycle Download The+Indian+1901-1978%3A+The+History+Of+A+Classic+American+Motorcycle

The Indian 1901-1978: The history of a classic American motorcycle

Check out this in depth history and guide to one of Americas oldest and most popular motorcycle manufactuer!

As the dominant manufacturer for the first two decades of this century, the Indian Motorcycle Company is a staple in the history of American motorcycling. Because of this, Springfield, Massachusetts was at the hub of the international motorcycle scene. Between 1900 and 1917, when the United States entered World War I, about 150 domestic motorcycle companies came and went. Little more than a dozen remained in business following the war, and after the great depression of the 1930s only two American manufacturers had survived Indian and Harley-Davidson.

This definitive chronicle of America's first motorcycle is an essential for any cycle aficionado. It features concise hardware histories of every model produced by the Indian Motorcycle Company from 1901 to the mid-1950s, when the company ceased production. Also included, is a unique color directory of the great motorcycles built by the celebrated Indian Motorcycle Company. Arranged chronologically, this superb reference work features special commissioned color photographs of all the landmark models that you won't want to miss!

Download The+Indian+1901-1978%3A+The+History+Of+A+Classic+American+Motorcycle

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