They Drank From The River And Died In Wilderness

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They Drank from the River and Died in Wilderness

We are living in a land not our own. We are looking for a city, whose Builder and Maker is God. Along the way, there will be rivers from which to drink. These "rivers" will renew, refresh, and restore vision and purpose. But the "river" will not ultimately satisfy the inner longing of your soul. The "river" along the way must not be mistaken for the City of God we all seek. We must go on, not being content with the provision of the "river," no matter how exciting its rushing power and glory may be. If you have enjoyed the "river," but cannot understand why frustration still seems to set in, you need to read this book. The "river" will never provide. Don't die in the wilderness. Learn how to go on in your experience with God.

About the Author
David Ravenhill, who is engaged in a full-time itinerant ministry, established Spikenard Ministries to reflect his desire to see extravagant worship, intimacy, and maturity brought to the Body of Christ. His teaching and preaching have taken him across the nation and around the world. David, the son...

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