Ghosts And Ballyhoo: Memoirs Of A Failed L.a. Music Journalist

Ghosts And Ballyhoo: Memoirs Of A Failed L.a. Music Journalist Download Ghosts+And+Ballyhoo%3A+Memoirs+Of+A+Failed+L.a.+Music+Journalist

Ghosts and Ballyhoo: Memoirs of a Failed L.a. Music Journalist

A chronicle of Thomas Wictor s ten years in the Los Angeles music industry and his quest to free himself from the past. Written with profane humor and no self-pity, it includes previously unpublished articles, excerpts from interview transcripts, personal correspondence, and photos.

About the Author
Thomas Wictor is the author of five books. A failed music journalist, failed military historian, failed novelist, failed ghostwriter, failed biographer, failed poet, failed essayist, failed rock musician, failed miniaturist, failed photographer, failed field representative for a document-retrieval service, failed delivery driver, failed temporary worker, failed voiceover actor, failed copyeditor, failed technical writer, failed editor of the world's first online newspaper, failed bartender, failed archivist, failed longshoreman, failed ladies' man, and failed ally, he is the planet's only expert on World War I flamethrowers. He lives happily by himself in Southern California.

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