Community Health Nursing: Caring For The Public's Health

Community Health Nursing: Caring For The Public's Health Download Community+Health+Nursing%3A+Caring+For+The+Public%27s+Health

Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public's Health

The relationship between nurses and their communities is an essential, core component of any healthcare system. Community Health Nursing bridges the gap between theory and effective, community health nursing practice. This contributed text incorporates multiple viewpoints and challenges readers to think beyond conventional views of community and public health. Most importantly, this text incorporates the need to educate the public and specialty populations and promote a healthy lifestyle. The Second Edition has been completely revised and updated and provides an emphasis on population-based nursing directed toward health promotion and primary prevention in the community as well as a new focus on disaster nursing, including a first-hand appraisal of hurricane Katrina and its effects on the community. It is both community-based and community-focused, reflecting the current dynamics of the health care system.

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