Maximum Control: Mastering Your Heavyweight Bike

Maximum Control: Mastering Your Heavyweight Bike Download Maximum+Control%3A+Mastering+Your+Heavyweight+Bike

Maximum Control: Mastering Your Heavyweight Bike

As anyone who’s been on one knows, big bikes--Harleys, dressers, tourers, cruisers--handle differently than smaller bikes. They have different centers of gravity; they steer more slowly; they put you in a different riding positions; and riding one--especially riding it well--requires different skills. This book is aimed at helping owners of such motorcycles--bikes with big engines, long wheelbases, and a lot of weight--get the best ride out of them. Maximum Control addresses every aspect of riding--steering, positioning, braking, and carrying a passenger or heavy load. With clear information on differences in equipment--brakes, engine, drive system, even tires--this expert, accessible guide provides everything you need to know to handle your bike like a pro. The outcome will be, as promised, Maximum Control--and the ride of your life.


I find it to be quite thorough and easy to understand. I particularly like the “building block”...

Download Maximum+Control%3A+Mastering+Your+Heavyweight+Bike

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