The Dark Abyss Of Time: Archaeology And Memory (Archaeology In Society)

The Dark Abyss Of Time: Archaeology And Memory (Archaeology In Society) Download The+Dark+Abyss+Of+Time%3A+Archaeology+And+Memory+%28Archaeology+In+Society%29

The Dark Abyss of Time: Archaeology and Memory (Archaeology in Society)

The field of archaeology continues to face a major crisis of interpretation. The traditional view is that the basic business of archaeology is to reconstruct the history of cultures and civilizations through their material productions. Olivier challenges this view with a new approach to archaeological remains based on the works of French theorists such as Foucault, de Certeaux, and Derrida, with insight from Darwin and Freud. His thesis is that archaeology does not study the past itself but rather what materially remains of the past in our present. Olivier also develops an interpretation of material culture based on Aby Warburg’s and Walter Benjamin’s work in the anthropology of art. With wider implications for history and all social sciences, The Dark Abyss of Time is a major contribution to the theory of time, memory, heritage, and archaeology. This flawless translation makes Olivier’s elegantly written work available in English for the first time.

The Dark Abyssof Time is … one of the most important works published in archaeology during my lifetime. It fundamentally questions the purpose and practice of the discipline as it is today,...

Download The+Dark+Abyss+Of+Time%3A+Archaeology+And+Memory+%28Archaeology+In+Society%29

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