Chicanas In Charge: Texas Women In The Public Arena

Chicanas In Charge: Texas Women In The Public Arena Download Chicanas+In+Charge%3A+Texas+Women+In+The+Public+Arena

Chicanas in Charge: Texas Women in the Public Arena

No state has a greater density of Chicano community leaders and politicians than does Texas. This study examines the lives and politics of a distinguished group of Chicana women who have risen to positions of power. The authors profile women who serve in various public capacities―federal judges, candidates for Lieutenant Governor, a statewide chair of a political party, and members of school boards and city and county governments. The diverse careers of these women offer rare glimpses of the kinds of struggles they face, both as women and as members of the Chicano community. Chicans in Charge will be of great value to those interested in gender studies, political science, local government, public policy, oral history, biography, and Chicano studies.

This book is a beautiful tribute to twenty-five Chicana activists from different eras and epochs who have made a difference, made history, and changed the world. It is a powerful celebration of their accomplishments, joys, and sorrows as they made strides in political and social arenas. This book is about women leaders who could be our mothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins. From these life stories, the authors...

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