The Unseen Aquitania: The Ship In Rare Illustrations

The Unseen Aquitania: The Ship In Rare Illustrations Download The+Unseen+Aquitania%3A+The+Ship+In+Rare+Illustrations

The Unseen Aquitania: The Ship in Rare Illustrations

RMS Aquitania was in service for decades, and was very much beloved. The third in Cunard Line's "grand trio" of express liners, running mate of the lost Lusitania and the legendary Mauretania (1907), Aquitania was the last surviving four-funnelled ocean liner. Aquitania was pressed into service during both world wars and was one of the longest serving passenger liners of the 20th century. She was also one of the most elegant, nicknamed the "ship beautiful." This book offers the most evocative and exciting collection of imagery relating to this historic vessel ever shown.

About the Author

J. Kent Layton is the author of The Unseen Mauretania and Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography of the Ship of Splendor. Tad Fitch is the author of Into the Danger Zone: Sea Crossings of the First World War (nominated for the 2015 Mountbatten Maritime Award). They coauthored On a Sea of Glass. Mark Chirnside is a maritime expert and author.

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