Encyclopedia Of The Victorian Era (4 Vol. Set)

Encyclopedia Of The Victorian Era (4 Vol. Set) Download Encyclopedia+Of+The+Victorian+Era+%284+Vol.+Set%29

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Designed with a broad audience in mind, this interdisciplinary encyclopedia edited by Adams (associate professor of English, Cornell) and two experienced reference book editors is "intended to provide sweeping coverage of the social, political, and intellectual landscape of the British-dominated world during the years of the reign of Queen Victoria, 1837-1901." Though the emphasis is British, coverage extends to places around the globe where Victorian culture made a mark. Thus, the discussion in Agriculture is not confined to Britain but also considers India and America.

More than 620 alphabetically arranged entries vary in length from 500 to 4,000 words and cover topics such as Child labor, Crimean War, Domestic workers, East India Company, Electricity, Gardens and garden design, Gothic revival, Music halls, Race and racism, Railways, and Sanitation. The preface explains that, since biographical information is generally so easy to find, subject-based essays were favored over biographies in the selection of topics, but some individuals are included because they were "inarguably important" or because they "represented a tendency." Approximately one-third of the entries are biographical, covering Alexander Graham Bell, Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and others. Among the Americans who...

Download Encyclopedia+Of+The+Victorian+Era+%284+Vol.+Set%29

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