Erwin Blumenfeld (Phaidon 55's)

Erwin Blumenfeld (Phaidon 55's) Download Erwin+Blumenfeld+%28Phaidon+55%27s%29

Erwin Blumenfeld (Phaidon 55's)

Portrait of the Blumenfeld; 4,000-word essay by Michel Metayer; 55 colour and b/w photographs presented chronologically over 110 pages (1 photograph per spread, with title and 1 paragraph commentary); Brief chronology of the photographer

About the Author
Erwin Blumenfeld's long and prosperous relationship with photography started by accident. Originally from Berlin, Blumenfeld was an ambulance driver during World War II and later emigrated to Amsterdam to set up a leather goods business. The company folded and Blumenfeld was forced to take up photography to provide for himself. After immigrating once again in 1941 this time to New York City, Blumenfeld's career as a fashion photographer blossomed. Working primarily for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, Blumenfeld's photographs were seen by millions. Blumenfeld's artistic heritage bears the marks of both his European heritage and the fresh start he made in America. This is most notable in his colour photography and photo collages which blend the garish Technicolor of the new-found prosperity of post-WW II New York City with the surrealist and Dadaist influences of his youth in Berlin. Michel Metayer is the director of the prestigious Toulouse School for Fine Art. Trained as a Germanist, Metayer...

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