20Th-Century Composers: Jean Sibelius

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20Th-Century Composers: Jean Sibelius

The Finn Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) is one of the most prominent and popular composers to have emerged from Northern Europe. Although he is known primarily as a symphonist, his Violin Concerto and some smaller works such as the symphonic poem Finlandia have also become staples of the orchestral repertoire. In his homeland he attained monumental status, becoming his country's primary cultural export. For so public a figure, however, Sibelius remains an enigma. Plagued by self-doubt and frequently seeking refuge in alcohol, he became increasingly selective about details of his life, not least his creative output in the last three decades, during which he released very few new works. This compelling biography aims to penetrate the aura of mystery surrounding the composer's life and career, and includes new material not previously available.

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