Jane's Mines And Mine Clearance 2008-2009

Jane's Mines And Mine Clearance 2008-2009 Download Jane%27s+Mines+And+Mine+Clearance+2008-2009

Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance 2008-2009

Whether you require background information or detailed technical data, "Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance" is the essential reference for all mine-related issues. The comprehensive coverage includes details and analysis of mines, booby traps and fuses. Each entry includes a full description, complete with specifications and operational characteristics, a guide on neutralisation and disarming procedures. Color photographs and sectioned diagrams assist recognition, show internal components and help to explain the operating method. This resource also provides an extensive directory of commercially available products and services, associated with the demining industry, and full company contact details.

Download Jane%27s+Mines+And+Mine+Clearance+2008-2009

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