Pray Big For Yourself: How To Pray God's Word Over Your Life

Pray Big For Yourself: How To Pray God's Word Over Your Life Download Pray+Big+For+Yourself%3A+How+To+Pray+God%27s+Word+Over+Your+Life

Pray Big for Yourself: How to Pray God's Word Over Your Life

"The person with the greatest ability to help or hinder the work of God in me is me. That's why I pray for me all the time."--Thus says Will Davis Jr. in his helpful book, Pray Big for Yourself. In Pray Big for Yourself, readers learn how to apply the principles of Pinpoint Praying that Davis first introduced in his book Pray Big to their own lives. Davis' reasoning is really quite simple: "If Jesus prayed for himself, how much more do we as his followers need to pray for ourselves?" Davis shows that personal intercession is a necessity, not a selfish act or a luxury, and that it is also a learned skill. Pray Big for Yourself points readers to the Bible for pinpoint prayers anyone can pray. In three sections, Pray Big for Yourself covers the invitation to pray for ourselves, examples of pinpoint prayers from Scripture, and the practices that enhance these prayers. This helpful and practical book will have an immediate and positive impact on your spiritual life. Pray Big for Yourself is the fourth and final installment of the Pray Big series: Pray...

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