Drawn Together Through Visual Practice

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Drawn Together through Visual Practice

Drawings give shape to our ideas and reframe what is possible.

Drawn Together through Visual Practice gives voice to the field of visual thinking as the range of its practice dramatically expands. Curious observers, bold beginners, and expert facilitators alike can now come together to:

  • Share cross-disciplinary and regional perspectives
  • Surface and approach the complex puzzles of our time
  • Reflect on core human connections and communication
Twenty-seven advanced practitioners contribute to this volume, sharing experience-based methods and insights. 

Leaders in facilitation, conflict mediation, education - and all other areas using visual processes to establish common ground - will find an unparalleled wisdom of experience in these pages.


This anthology contains exciting and varied contributions to the growing literature on visual language and its power to "draw us" together. The authors offer a wide range of experience, powerful illustrations and the core message that visual language enables us to learn, think, and grow in new ways - especially when considering the complex relationships that words alone can't illuminate. Drawn Together through Visual Practice reflects the power of this field to help transform organizations and communities in life-affirming ways. ...
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