Haiti Is

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Haiti Is

Haitian-American Author Cindy Similien-Johnson collaborates with Dominican-American Artist Paola Velez on a book that recounts and celebrates childhood memories of Haiti.

Written in poetic and hushed tones accompanied by whimsical and dreamlike illustrations, the book introduces young readers to the beauty and wonder of Haiti.

About the Author

“...a distinctive and original voice, Cindy Similien-Johnson writes with a magic and shimmer all her own."

-Mary Gordon, Author of Pearl

Cindy Similien-Johnson is a Haitian-American Author. She was born and raised in New York City. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Barnard College-Columbia University. She believes art and literature can empower men, women, and children to think courageously about the impact they can have in their own communities and the rest of the world.

Paola Velez is a Dominican-American Visual Artist. She was born in New York, and raised in both NYC and Orlando, FL. She studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu. She believes that art and literature can impact and change how the world views minorities.

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