Katie's Trunk

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Katie's Trunk

Rebellious colonists have dumped a shipment of tea into Boston Harbor, and all around Katie, men are arming themselves for war. Neighbors don't speak to each other anymore and someone even hissed "Tory!" at Katie because her parents are loyal to England. One unforgettable day, the rebels come. Katie's father tells the family to hide in the woods, but Katie runs back to defend her home. As the rebels rush in to loot the house, Katie hides in her mother's wedding trunk. In a surprise ending, one of the rebels unexpectedly saves her from being discovered, and Katie realizes there may be goodness even in those who seem to be enemies. Ann Turner, acclaimed for her powerful historical picture books, tells the gripping story of one Tory girl's experiences during revolutionary times.

From School Library Journal
Grade 1-5-- As she did in Dakota Dugout (Macmillan, 1985), Turner creates a moment in history with evocative words and poetic images. Here she turns her attention to the period between the Boston Tea Party and the battles that began the American Revolution. Katie, the middle child in a family of Tory sympathizers, senses the impending conflict. When a...

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