Margaret And Margarita / Margarita Y Margaret

Margaret And Margarita / Margarita Y Margaret Download Margaret+And+Margarita+%2F+Margarita+Y+Margaret

Margaret and Margarita / Margarita y Margaret

Margaret and Margarita
Margarita Y Margaret

Margaret speaks English but not Spanish. Margarita speaks Spanish but not English. Can they still play? Of course they can! Join two robust girls who aren't about to let anything spoil their fun.

From Kirkus Reviews
On the left, Margaret (carrying toy rabbit Susan) and her mother come to the park, though the child protests that ``There is no one to play with''; on the right are Margarita, her mother, and a cat named Susana holding the identical conversation--in Spanish. They meet, and while the mothers (assuming that their language difference is a barrier) sit facing outward on the same bench, the little girls gesture, converse, and play with their toys, each picking up a few words of the other's language and parting as friends--with the mothers now smiling at each other. Constructed with unusual imagination and care, a bilingual story that makes a perfect first bridge from either language to the other, with simple but expressive art that will help define the words for new readers. (Picture book. 3-8) -- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


Download Margaret+And+Margarita+%2F+Margarita+Y+Margaret

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