A New History Of French Literature

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A New History of French Literature

This splendid introduction to French literature from 842 A.D. to the present decade is the most imaginative single-volume guide to the French literary tradition available in English.

Conceived for the general reader, this volume presents French literature not as a simple inventory of authors or titles, but rather as a historical and cultural field viewed from a wide array of contemporary critical perspectives. The book consists of 164 essays by American and European scholars, and covers the history of French literature from 842 to 1989.

From Library Journal
These two volumes, consisting of 164 essays written by American and European specialists, provide an original and outstanding overview of French literature from 842 to the present. Each essay is introduced by a date and arranged in chronological order. A brief headline follows the date, relating the essay to a major literary event. Essays, however, follow no specific format. Some are devoted to a genre, others to a major literary movement or historical event. Large surveys are also included. Social and cultural perspectives are present, including essays on women in French literature and art, viewed from philosophical as well as theoretical perspectives. Such a...

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