A History Of Private Life, Vol. 4: From The Fires Of Revolution To The Great War

A History Of Private Life, Vol. 4: From The Fires Of Revolution To The Great War Download A+History+Of+Private+Life%2C+Vol.+4%3A+From+The+Fires+Of+Revolution+To+The+Great+War

A History of Private Life, Vol. 4: From the Fires of Revolution to the Great War

The nineteenth century was the golden age of private life, a time when the tentative self-consciousness of the Renaissance and earlier eras took recognizable form, and the supreme individual, with a political, scientific, and above all existential value, emerged. Volume IV of this award-winning series chronicles this development from the tumult of the French Revolution to the outbreak of World War I--a century and a quarter of rapid, ungovernable change culminating in a conflict that, at a stroke, altered life in the Western world.

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These volumes, edited by Philippe Aries and Georges Duby, are aimed at both the scholar and layperson who wonder how people lived and behaved from ancient times to the present: "their thoughts, their feelings, their bodies, their attitudes, their habits and habitations, their codes, their marks, and their signs." The focus is on western European life, primarily French.
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The fourth volume of this brilliant series arrives with the poignancy of a letter that through some fluke of the postal system has been delayed...

Download A+History+Of+Private+Life%2C+Vol.+4%3A+From+The+Fires+Of+Revolution+To+The+Great+War

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