Native-American Literature: A Brief Introduction And Anthology

Native-American Literature: A Brief Introduction And Anthology Download Native-American+Literature%3A+A+Brief+Introduction+And+Anthology

Native-American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology

This is one of a series of brief anthologies designed for ethnic, multicultural and American literature courses. The series aims to introduce undergraduates to the rich but often neglected literary contributions of established and newer ethnic writers to American literature. Each text is organized chronlogically by genre and represents a wide range of literature. An introduction provides an historical overview and a celebration of the diversity within each ethnic group. It also addresses the general literary concerns students are likely to encounter in their readings. A seperate thematic table of contents provides the tutor with more flexibility in the classroom. All four anthologies include three bibliographies which suggest novels for further reading; aid students in their research and recommend films that would enhance the studies. Ishmael Reed, the general editor, is founder of the American Book Awards.

Download Native-American+Literature%3A+A+Brief+Introduction+And+Anthology

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