Eye Of The Great Bear

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Eye of the Great Bear

In this turn-of-the-century Western adventure, a twelve-year-old boy with the reputation of a coward is cured of his fears after he faces a grizzly to save his little sister.

From School Library Journal
Grade 4-7-A surefire winner of a tale. Bailey, 11, is mortified that he reacts to firecrackers or other loud noises by jumping. He's branded a coward by the boys at school as well as his brothers, all of whom take delight in tormenting him. Bailey and his father set out to "cure" him of this problem until his leaping ability saves his life during an encounter with a rattlesnake. At the Fourth of July celebration, the medicine man who is telling fortunes predicts that Bailey will see himself "in the eye of the great bear." The summer of 1898 wears on filled with farm work and a few adventures. The merciless Texas sun proves too much for Bailey's dad, who suffers from a bout of heat sickness, but he refuses to heed the doctor. After a long conversation behind closed doors, his parents reach a compromise and the family heads for Montana where more experiences and the foretold great...

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