Stories From Ancient Canaan, Second Edition

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Stories from Ancient Canaan, Second Edition

The texts from ancient Ugarit are among the most important modern discoveries for understanding the Bible. For more than thirty years, Stories from Ancient Canaan has been recognized as a highly authoritative and readable presentation of the principal Canaanite myths and epics discovered at Ugarit. This fully revised edition takes into account advances in the reading, understanding, and interpretation of these stories since 1978. It also includes two additional texts, expanded introductions, and illustrations. Coogan and Smith have collaborated to bring this classic up to date in order to provide accessible and accurate translations of these texts for a new generation of students.

"Two highly regarded scholars of Ugaritic literature provide here a marvelous introduction to the classics of Ugaritic poetry. The translations are careful and authoritative, yet lively and accessible. The introductions orient the reader both to the context of this literature and to the nature of the individual compositions. Hands down, this is the best translation for teaching these texts in humanities and religious studies contexts." Carol A. Newsom, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Old Testament, Emory University

"The authors have provided us with a resource that...

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