The Westminster Handbook To Origen (Westminster Handbooks To Christian Theology)

The Westminster Handbook To Origen (Westminster Handbooks To Christian Theology) Download The+Westminster+Handbook+To+Origen+%28Westminster+Handbooks+To+Christian+Theology%29

The Westminster Handbook to Origen (Westminster Handbooks to Christian Theology)

This book provides ready access into and sure guidance through the marvelous, often convoluted, invariably rich world of Origen: the man, the ecclesiastical dynamics of his day, his extant works, the range of his theological explorations, his influence, and the controversies associated with him in life and in death. Included are recommendations for use and clear presentation of topics which enable the reader, whether novice or specialist, to engage Origen in ways that address the reader's interest.

The Westminster Handbook to Christian Theology series provides a set of resources for the study of historic and contemporary theological movements and Christian theologians. These books are intended to help students and scholars find concise and accurate treatments of important theological terms.

About the Author
John Anthony McGuckin is Anne Marie and Bent Emil Nielsen Professor in Late Antique and Byzantine Christian History at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and Professor of Byzantine Christian Studies at Columbia University. A Priest of the Orthodox Church, he was formerly Reader in Patristic and Byzantine Theology at the University of Leeds, England. He is the author of numerous books of historical theology...

Download The+Westminster+Handbook+To+Origen+%28Westminster+Handbooks+To+Christian+Theology%29

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