Crisis And Trauma: Developmental-ecological Intervention (Crisis Intervention)

Crisis And Trauma: Developmental-ecological Intervention (Crisis Intervention) Download Crisis+And+Trauma%3A+Developmental-ecological+Intervention+%28Crisis+Intervention%29

Crisis and Trauma: Developmental-ecological Intervention (Crisis Intervention)

This text introduces students to the fundamental concepts of crisis theory and practice and provides models for single-session intervention and ongoing crisis counseling. The authors present their theoretical framework and assessment and intervention models; then apply them to a variety of crises; such as sexual assault, domestic violence, substance abuse, and death. A special chapter--written by an expert in disaster crisis--uses a case example of the World Trade Center attack to illustrate protocol in this type of situation.

Students learn to incorporate assessment into intervention--from the first interview through resolution--using the unique ABCDE model-Affective responses, Behavioral responses, Cognitive responses, Developmental assessment, Ecological assessment. Used to evaluate crisis reactions, this model increases the range of the classic ABC, to incorporate a developmental-ecological perspective which draws on both developmental and systems theory.

1. Understanding Crisis and Crisis Intervention Crisis and Crisis Theory Development of Crisis Intervention Methods and Services Crisis Assessment and Intervention: Multiple Models 2. Assessment: A Developmental-Ecological Perspective Overview of Developmental-Ecological Perspective Assessing Crisis Reactions: A Developmental-Ecological Model Conclusion 3. Crisis Intervention: A Developmental-Ecological Approach Background Single-Session Crisis Counseling Ongoing Crisis Counseling 4. Crisis Intervention Competence Characteristics of Competent Crisis...

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