The Little Red Hen (Easy-to-Read Folktales)

The Little Red Hen (Easy-to-Read Folktales) Download The+Little+Red+Hen+%28Easy-to-Read+Folktales%29

The Little Red Hen (Easy-to-Read Folktales)

The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it.

From the Back Cover
The little red hen lived with a goose, a cat, and a dog, all who were lazy. Would not do anything to help the hen. The hen planted, cut, and took care of the wheat she was growing, and even though she asked the goose, the cat, and the dog, she never got any help. When it was time for the baking of the bread that she made out of the wheat. The goose, the cat, and the dog will ready to help her eat it. But the hen has a little surprise for them.

About the Author

Lucinda McQueen has illustrated many books for young children, including the bestselling Easter Surprise series and The Little Red Hen. She lives in the hills of Warner, New Hampshire, with her husband, painter Jeremy Guitar.

From AudioFile
Jaunty background music sets the stage for the classic tale...

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