I Am #8: Roberto Clemente

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I Am #8: Roberto Clemente

I was a baseball hero and an inspiring humanitarian. I am Roberto Clemente.

A unique hero, Roberto Clemente is not only famous for his impressive baseball career, but also for his generous humanitarian efforts. Nearly 40 years ago, the same year he swung his 3,000th major league baseball hit, he died in an airplane accident on his way to deliver aid to earthquake victims. His heroics on the field earned him a place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the first Latin American to be granted access. Just in time for Hispanic heritage month, learn all about this legend's life from his inspiring beginnings to his tragic end. This book will feature a full-color illustrated cover, one-color illustrations throughout, a detailed time line, introductions to other notable people from the story, a map, sidebars, and a top-ten list of important things to know about Roberto Clemente.

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Roberto Clemente, a baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates who met an untimely end in 1972, represents that far too rare figure in modern professional sports: a true role model of humanitarianism. This approachable bio opens with an imaginary autobiographical introduction summarizing Clemente’s...

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