The Magic Trap (The Lemonade War Series)

The Magic Trap (The Lemonade War Series) Download The+Magic+Trap+%28The+Lemonade+War+Series%29

The Magic Trap (The Lemonade War Series)

Jessie and Evan Treski have waged a lemonade war, sought justice in a class trial,unmasked a bell thief, and stood at opposite ends over the right to keep secrets.
   Now they are creating a magic show—a professional magic show, in their own backyard! They practice, they study, and they practice some more. And who shows up? Their father, who has done such a good job of disappearing over the past few years.
   Just as Evan and Jessie took on running a business in The Lemonade War and a court of law in The Lemonade Crime, in this fifth novel of the bestselling Lemonade War series, they take on the challenges of magic and illusion all while discovering some hidden truths about their own family. Another fresh, funny, emotionally charged novel by the author whom Books for Kids calls, "one of the best writers for the middle grades around."

From Booklist
Since their parents’ divorce many years earlier, Evan and Jessie have been disappointed that their dad, who travels the world as a journalist, seldom calls or visits. Now he is back in their lives, for a week...

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