Arithmetic And Algebra

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Arithmetic and Algebra

This book uses a practical approach to arithmetic and beginning algebra and assumes no prior knowledge of mathematics. By thoroughly explaining various mathematical techniques, Proga helps students understand why a technique works so they'll remember how to use it. Well-known for its flexibility and complete coverage of arithmetic and algebra topics, Proga's text is perfectly suited for a combination arithmetic-elementary algebra course, for either an arithmetic or an algebra course, or for a two-term course sequence.

1. Whole Numbers 2. Fractions 3. Decimals 4. Positive and Negative Numbers 5. Ratio and Proportion 6. Percent 7. Roots of Numbers 8. Measurement in the English and Metric Systems 9. Introduction to Geometry 10. Introduction to Algebra 11. Exponents 12. Polynomials 13. Factoring 14. Graphing 15. Systems of Linear Equations 16. Rational Expressions 17. Radical Expressions 18. Quadratic Equations 19. Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises Index

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