On Human Nature: An Introduction To Philosophy

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On Human Nature: An Introduction to Philosophy

This new introductory text-reader on theories of human nature features astutely edited primary source selections and the acclaimed, authoritative voice of Thomas F. Wall--author of two other successful Wadsworth titles, THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT PHILOSOPHICAL PROBLEMS and THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT MORAL PROBLEMS. ON HUMAN NATURE grows out of instructors' long held desire for a single volume that provides students of this subject with both readings and engaging commentary. Organized in a historical format that draws from Ancient Asian sources; many classical, medieval, and modern thinkers; and all the way up to contemporary minds such as Dennett and the Churchlands, this book provides students with a comprehensive and accessible introduction to age-old debate that is as crucial now in our technological and scientific age as it has ever been.

Part I: INTRODUCTION. The Nature of Philosophy. The Subject Matter of Philosophy. The Method of Philosophy. The Divisions of Philosophy. Historical Periods of Philosophy. The Value of Philosophy. The Question of Human Nature. A Commonsense Question. A Scientific Question. A Philosophical Question. Evaluating Philosophical Theories. Reasoned Judgments. Universality. Consistency. Simplicity. Descriptive and Normative Theories. The Structure of this Text. The HUMAN NATURE...

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