Cases In Public Human Resource Management

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Cases in Public Human Resource Management

CASES IN PUBLIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is a collection of 30 actual case studies (with only names changed) with an emphasis on the social and ethical concerns of public managers as well as the impact of 9/11 on the field.

Part One: PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. 1. Recruitment and Selection, Deer Valley Hires a New Coach. 2. Promotion, Tom Collins Doesn't Mix Well. 3. Job Evaluation, Some Counselors Are More Equal Than Others. 4. Compensation, Paying the Tucson Police. 5. The Fair Labor Standards Act, Flexing to Avoid Overtime. 6. Employee Benefits, No More Nittany Lions. 7. Merit System Standards, Hiring the Unqualified. 8. Personnel Records Management, Dissing the Border Patrol. Part Two: EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS. 9. Collective Bargaining (Problem Solving), Handling the Hanford Patrol. 10. Collective Bargaining (Positional), Taking the Firefighters' Heat. 11. Labor-Management Relations, Holiday Time for Prison Guards. 12. Affirmative Action, An African American Woman Among the Good Ol' Boys in Indiana. 13. Sexual Harassment, Jailhouse Follies. 14. Ethnic Discrimination, Culture Clash at the Cancer Center. 15. Employee Due Process, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Police. 16. ADA Concerns, Is Heavy Lifting an Essential Job Function? 17. Hatch Act and...

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