Algorithmic Aspects Of Graph Connectivity (Encyclopedia Of Mathematics And Its Applications)

Algorithmic Aspects Of Graph Connectivity (Encyclopedia Of Mathematics And Its Applications) Download Algorithmic+Aspects+Of+Graph+Connectivity+%28Encyclopedia+Of+Mathematics+And+Its+Applications%29

Algorithmic Aspects of Graph Connectivity (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)

Algorithmic Aspects of Graph Connectivity is the first comprehensive book on this central notion in graph and network theory, emphasizing its algorithmic aspects. Because of its wide applications in the fields of communication, transportation, and production, graph connectivity has made tremendous algorithmic progress under the influence of the theory of complexity and algorithms in modern computer science. The book contains various definitions of connectivity, including edge-connectivity and vertex-connectivity, and their ramifications, as well as related topics such as flows and cuts. The authors comprehensively discuss new concepts and algorithms that allow for quicker and more efficient computing, such as maximum adjacency ordering of vertices. Covering both basic definitions and advanced topics, this book can be used as a textbook in graduate courses in mathematical sciences, such as discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and operations research, and as a reference book for specialists in discrete mathematics and its applications.

"... A comprehensive graduate level text and a worth addition to a professional library."
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"This fine graduate-level textbook discusses the algorithmic efficiency of graph connectivity problems. What is impressive about this book is the unified...

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