Language And Gesture (Language Culture And Cognition)

Language And Gesture (Language Culture And Cognition) Download Language+And+Gesture+%28Language+Culture+And+Cognition%29

Language and Gesture (Language Culture and Cognition)

This landmark study examines the role of gestures in relation to speech and thought. Leading scholars, including psychologists, linguists and anthropologists, offer state-of-the-art analyses to demonstrate that gestures are not merely an embellishment of speech but are integral parts of language itself. The volume contributes to a rapidly growing field of study, offering a wide range of theoretical perspectives. It has strong cross-linguistic and cross-cultural components, examining gestures by speakers of Mayan, Australian, East Asian, as well as English and European languages.

Download Language+And+Gesture+%28Language+Culture+And+Cognition%29

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