Dental Anthropology

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Dental Anthropology

Teeth are among the best sources of evidence for both identification purposes and studies of demography, biological relationships, and health in ancient human communities. The anthropologist's specimen may be a cast that a dentist has taken from a living mouth, or actual teeth from an archaeological site or forensic case. This text introduces the complex biology of teeth and provides a practical guide to all essential aspects of dental anthropology, including excavation, identification, microscopic study, and tooth age determination. Dental Anthropology is a concise yet comprehensive resource designed for students and researchers in anthropology and archaeology.

'This book more than fulfils its said mission. The author has introduced a wealth of information served up into a highly digestible format. Whatever the research focus, this book engenders an integrated appreciation for evolution, adaptation, and disease processes. Dental Anthropology is of the superb quality we have come to expect from Cambridge University Press. this is not only a timely book providing an introduction to or reinforcing our foundation, but a volume necessary for all students of dental anthropology, novice or veteran, studying teeth in any context.' International Journal of Osteoarchaelogy

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