An Illustrated Guide To Relativity

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An Illustrated Guide to Relativity

Aimed at both physics students and non-science majors, this unique book explains Einstein's special theory of relativity pictorially, using diagrams rather than equations. The diagrams guide the reader, step-by-step, from the basics of relativity to advanced topics including the addition of velocities, Lorentz contraction, time dilation, the twin paradox, Doppler shift, and Einstein's famous equation E=mc². The distinctive figures throughout the book enable the reader to visualize the theory in a way that cannot be fully conveyed through equations alone. The illustrative explanations in this book maintain the logic and rigour necessary for physics students, yet are simple enough to be understood by non-scientists. The book also contains entertaining problems which challenge the reader's understanding of the materials covered.

"This is the most user-friendly book on special relativity that this reviewer has seen. Replete with useful diagrams, extensive footnotes, and a good index, it should make this difficult subject easier for everyone to grasp."
N. Sadanand, Choice Magazine

From the Back Cover
"...a delightful book which uses spacetime diagrams to teach the basic features of special relativity. The abundant illustrations form a great complement to the...

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